Finally!  Ukyo's finally getting the props she deserves!  I'm so sick of Shampoo and Akane, so BRING ON my okonomiyaki cooking goddess!  This episode is the formal introduction of Ukyo and her spatula wielding glory (although her voice actor's in the credits before this episode...  Why?  Go figure!).  Here's a sum up of the 1st episode...

        It all begins with Mr. Saotome getting ambushed by a mysterious individual who claims to be his long lost child, Ukyo.  Akane is walking home from school that day, and overhears this conversation.  Her and Ranma run over only to find Genma lying unconscious on the ground from shock.  As Genma wakes up, "Ukyo" stands in the shadows and threatens to come after Ranma next.  He chases after "Ukyo" in a fit of rage, but Genma hold him back and tells him to keep back for his own good.
        Akane takes Ranma to the back of the dojo and tells him what she heard that night "Ukyo" attacked Genma, and Ranma falls over in shock.  They both believe "Ukyo" is an illegitimate child left behind by Genma (who'd have thought the old man had it in him?!).  Ranma angrily chases Genma upstairs and demands to know what's going on, but Genma in panda form holds a sign that says "It's not what you think!".
        The next day at school, a new transfer student, Ukyo Kuonji, is introduced into Ranma's class, cooking okonomiyaki to all the students in the class.  Ranma recognizes him from his childhood as Okonomiyaki Ucchan.  Ukyo and his father ran an okonmiyaki stand back when Ranma was on his training journey.  It is revealed that Genma took off with the family business to take Ukyo off of his dad's hands, but left Ukyo behind.  Ranma just wants to be friends with Ukyo, but he challenges Ranma to a fight behind the gym after school.
        He challenges Ranma to a Anything-Goes-Okonomiyaki match in a ring surrounded by a piping hot cooking surface!  Ukyo attacks Ranma with all kinds of food and kitchen utensils, but Ranma ends up winning by using her own noodle ropes against her.  Ukyo dashes away with Ranma hot in pursuit.  He grabs Ukyo's spatula and rips his shirt.  Ukyo hold his shirt together and jumps up a tree.  Ranma and Ukyo fall over into a storage room and when they land, Ranma grabs Ukyo's....  BREASTS!
        Ranma then discovers that Ukyo's a girl (How could you NOT tell earlier in this episode!), and the others run in with Genma about to tell him something surprising...  Ukyo is his FIANCEE'!!!  Naturally, Akane gets pissed and the other girls beat up Genma and Ranma for mistreating Ukyo.  Ranma gets away though and outside, he fixes Ukyo's spatula and tells her she can beat him up for all that he's done.  Unfortuantely, Ukyo's pretty serious and she tries to whomp him good.  Ranma dashes away and distracts Ukyo by telling her she's cute.  Ukyo gets flustered and shys away.  Akane pops in, like she always does, and tells Ranma what a "Cute" fiancee' he has (Read:  Sarcastic!).  Ukyo quickly bakes Ranma okonimiyaki with a heart (with a grill that came out of NOWHERE!) and tosses it to him.  Ranma anxiously laughs and asks Akane if she wants some Okonimiyaki...  Of couse, it's Akane:  She shoves it in his face and walks off.

     What do I rank this movie on a scale of 5? 1 being Otakrap, 5 being Must See (and/or must buy!)             Although I love Ukyo and her astounding cooking skills, I'm just getting tired of the Ranma series.  This is one of the better tapes in the better series.  Viva la Ucchan!
    This however is one of my favorite series so farbecause all my faves are introduced in the Hard Battle Series (Ukyo, Tsubasa, Sasuke ((...Who in ALL rights should be Gosunkugi!!!!) and others.)

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