She's lethally lovely.  He's gallantly vain.  Together, they're the Slayers!  When I first bought this tape and read that, I thought it was gonna be another 45 minute Ranma-esque romance comedy...  Boy did I underestimate this tape!  100 minutes!  4 episodes!  A funny Dungeons and Dragons-like storyline!  This tape is easily one of the best anime I have ever bought!  And, I used to hate J-pop, but I love the theme song for this series! I'll sum up the 1st episode for you because 4 will take a LOT of time to type!!!

        This series starts with the sorceress (technically, a wicked chaotic good Fighter /Mage/Thief for all you D&D geeks like myself) Linna Inverse surprising a gang of bandits.  She fries them with a fireball spell and stuffs her bags with all their gold (a thief stealing from thieves ^_^;).  On her way back, she's ambushed by the remainder of the gang, whom offer her to join their gang...  But then a mysterious swordsman with long blond hair and a wicked two-handed sword starts trash talking the thieves, and a fight ensues.  Linna puts on her innocent "fair maiden" look for the swordsman as he wastes the thieves.  Linna starts acting pretty and bragging to herself about her looks...  Until the swordsman gazes upon who he rescued:  and I quote "Some flatchested little girl".  Apparently, he was expecting a busty babe in distress. Linna Inverse:  meet Gourry Gabriev.         Although he was expecting bigger (Sorry, Linna ^.^;) Gourry decides to be chivalrous and accompany the 'little girl' home.  At the first town they arrive at, we find that they have hearty appetites!  Everything on the menu for Linna (How does she keep that sexy physique with that kinda diet?!) and the same thing for Gourry, only in triple portions!!!  Suddenly, on a distant mountaintop, a dragon bursts from it's cage, and as the two  finish off their dinners, Linna is greeted by an old man who recognizes her a Linna Inverse, the bandit killer, and requests her help.  He asks that she destroy a gang of bandits called the Dragon Fangs (whom Linna and Gourry whupped earlier), and when he finds out she destroyed the bandits, the old man is overcome with glee.  It seems that there was a dragon in the mountains that the leader of the Dragon Fangs kept as a pet, and when Linna said she kicked tail, the old man assumed that the dragon was dead, too.  UNfortunately, the Dragon Fang's black dragon is RUNNING AROUND LOOSE, and the old man offers 25 gold pieces for Linna to get rid of the dragon.
        The battle begins with Linna tossing a fireball spell at Mr. Dragon, but it doesn't do squat.  Gourry, the idiot he is, charges right it and gets tossed back at Linna.  As, Linna struggles to get the consciously disabled Gourry off of her, the dragon almost steps on them...  But dodges out of the way, thinking Linna and Gourry are two lumps of sh....  um..  excrement...  Linna then casts a levitation spell to keep up with the dragon.  Gourry involuntarily gets voted into "Dragon Bait" duty as a distraction for Linna's spell.  She then chants several incantations and casts her most powerful spell "DragonSlave".  Evidently, this blows up the ENTIRE town with the dragon and the two are chased out by a mob of burnt villagers, leaving the two to discover more exciting adventures!!!

What do I rank this movie on a scale of 5? 1 being Otakrap, 5 being Must See (and/or must buy!)         Words of advice:  GET THIS TAPE!!!  Great theme song, 100 minutes long, 4 episodes, Linna's a hotty, and great magic slinging and sword fighting action!  Although many people don't like dubs, I think Lisa Ortiz and Eric Stuart do a great job dubbing the duo in this flick.  I love this series, and I can't wait until I buy a new Slayers tape!

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