Oh yes!  Ever since I saw a coming attractions ad for this in the back of an ADV catalog, I've done nothing but wait for it!  Recently, I bought it (I accidentally bought it subtitled) and kicked back and watched it.
       Forget that Dirty Pair Flash stuff, this is old school Kei and Yuri back in their destructive prime!  I think these were TV episodes by the way they are structured, if they are or aren't drop me a line.  Anyhoo, there aren't as many BIG explosions as there were in Project Eden or Flight 005,  although they use some nice heavy weapons which CAUSE some explosions....

        Episode 1 begins as a prison is cleverly taken over by it's disgruntled denizens (Spoiler:  It involves a yo-yo!), and guess who the chief has to call?  You guessed right!  Trouble Consultants Kei and Yuri!!!  Their mission is to rescue the warden being held hostage within.  With cooperation with the Marines and their 'surfboards', Kei and Yuri manage to make it inside.  The warden gets rescued, but he flips out and rushes to the main control room to try and gas, kill, and annihilate the prisoners.  The Lovely Angels manage to knock him out as they blast through the door (courtesy of Yuri's brand spankin new ring gun!).  As the warden's unconscious, they all escape on a rail system with an angry prisoner after them.  Thanks again to Yuri's ring, they manage to blast a giant rock onto the tracks and escape.

        Episode 2 is a riot!  They've got criminals dressed up like storybook characters, like Snow White and her seven safecracking dwarves!  It begins with Kei and Yuri on a rooftop during Halloween waiting to intercept a man suspected of selling government secrets.  They manage to board the ship and force the man to surrender....  Unfortunately, he resists and fights back, causing them to crash.  The Dirty Pair find out from the Chief that they were supposed to be after the CARGO, not the SUSPECT.  Apparently, the cargo is a Tactical Assault Android which enters an Armageddon mode after an hour or so of activation.  And the worst part is that this android is loose in a city full of jolly trick-or-treaters!  When Kei and Yuri finally spot the android, it turns tail and runs like hell!  This fast bastard runs through walls, catches Kei's rockets, and gives a oily little snicker every time it's shot at.  All the storybook criminals are accidentally foiled by the android's running spree and The Dirty Pair's persistence.  The funniest part is where Snow White and her dwarves are trying for hours to crack a safe and the robot runs THROUGH the damn safe door in an instant!!!  When Kei and Yuri finally catch up to the robot, they've run out of ammo and it's entering the Armageddon mode.  This puny little running-bot turns into a weapon of mass destruction, and the Lovely Angels have no way of hurting it....  But this is the Lovely Angels we speak of!  Kei takes some fireworks and fires them at the robot, Yuri follows up with some more.  Eventually, they take a huge pot of gunpowder and fire it at Mr. Android and blow him sky high!  The head flies to the ground and Kei and Yuri go out for a drink or two.  This case is closed!   See if you can spot the random Mughi scene in this episode, it's so outta place; it's funny!

    What do I rank this movie on a scale of 5? 1 being Otakrap, 5 being Must See (and/or must buy!) What do I think?  I missed the old school Dirty Pair and this movie is a great "Welcome Back, Ladies!".  I liked Project Eden better, but it's the original Dirty Pair!  How can I give them anything less than 4?!  Love ya, Lovely Angels  <3 <3 <3!!!

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