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Pine Ridge

Occupation Peoples

Grass Roots Oyate

January 16, 2000

Until we Win

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 Moon Rain

At the edge of the world
under the night of the Elk warrior
winds a path along two rivers
one river of darkness
one river of light
many spirits flow in each
some walk the path of the moon
around above the two rivers
missing many friend many enemy
dancing or fighting
in lifes water
taking them again into the world of animals
and tribe of tribes of little spirits
then the rivers run far apart
one through the trees and great grass
one through the dust and hard heat
then they touch at the big rocks
where old wisdom is strong
and the power of mother Earth echoes
in the cries of the lone wolf
rising up to the place of the moon
where the wise spirit women
with wise spirit men watch
they see much between day and night
they know what little spirits think
they have seen big wars
they have seen children born
they have seen many dances
they have seen much wrong
they have seen much good
they chant of these things
as they chant their tears fall
through the great night lights
down to the world of little spirits
where the tears turn into the white wind
blowing to the place of the big rock
above the morning clouds
where they wait for the sun spirits
to warm them for their long dance
taking them through many little mouths
the melting tears are songs to sing
to teach the little spirits
about the great journey of life
so they know where to go
so they know what to do
so they know which river to swim
for both rivers water is moon rain



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