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Pine Ridge

Occupation Peoples

Grass Roots Oyate

January 16, 2000

Until we Win

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March 13, 2000


Mr. Ted McBride
U.S. District Attorney
Rapid City, S.D.

Dear Mr. McBride:

This letter will serve as our official request for the investigation and prosecution of Wesley "Chuck" Jacobs and John Donham for fraud and misappropriation of federal funds.

Oglala Sioux Tribal Treasurer Wesley "Chuck" Jacobs and Mr. Donham, contracted C.P.A. for the Tribe, in an attempt to give officials a salary increase without their constituents’ consent, created an expense in the 1998 Indirect Cost Budget titled "auto maintenance allowance".

In Donham’s negotiation document for the 1998 Indirect Cost Budget to the U.S. Office of Inspector General, this expense is defined as follows:

"…to cover maintenance expenses for one restricted vehicle for financial office employees…"

Importantly, Jacobs and Donham have set up this monthly expense allowance for all elected and appointed officials. Each member of the tribal council and the executive board are receiving a $500.00/month allowance. The description of this expense clearly states one restricted vehicle. As is evident in the 1999 financial ledger, many of these officials are taking advances on this allowance. They have no receipts to show for their auto maintenance. In addition, they are receiving mileage allowances on their vehicles. This is considered "double-dipping".

We are requestion that charges be brought against Jacobs and Donham for their fraudulent actions. Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated.



Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate

Cc: Federal bureau of Investigations
U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno



P.O. Box 51, Red Cloud Building, Pine Ridge, SD 57770
Phone (605) 867-5303 Fax (605) 867-2115


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