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Pine Ridge

Occupation Peoples

Grass Roots Oyate

January 16, 2000

Until we Win

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This post from Tina with AIM Arizona


Below is a message that I am sending out for Wild Horse and for the people at Pine Ridge. After all the confusion and all the writings back and forth, I finally tracked down the number and spoke with Wild Horse myself. He appears to be an intelligent man who is trying to help. I asked him several questions of which he gave me prompt answers to and even read me some of the emails from the GrassRoots at Pine Ridge...complete with time stamps. I then called Pine Ridge...I spoke with Harvey White Woman who verified what Wild Horse had told me. And who also verified that he, Wild Horse, was indeed the one that they wanted to post the releases for them and to maintain their web site.

I offer my apologies to Clyde and am sure that some where along the line there was much confusion on what was going on. No one at Pine Ridge has "met" Wild Horse...however, they did give him the duty of posting for them. I am not sure what happened and I have explained to all that I think the calls for "red alerts" and for "all people" to come up to Pine Ridge concerned many people as we did not want to see problems start from a stream of well intentioned people streaming into an already tense situation. I know Clyde and the rest of AIM and others trying to sort this out..were only going by what they heard...that no one "knew" this man...and so and so said he did this or that...I, for one, will admit that we need to work on our communication and keeping things more ordered in tense situations like this. I think a lot of the confusion can be credited to that extremely tense situation... gunshots being fired..people screaming...etc. The situation is calmer...things are getting out better now. With all due respect to those who were upset with Wild Horse, I have to abide by those at Pine Ridge who told me with their own voices that this is the person they have designated as their internet source. (If anyone wishes to complain, gripe, yell or scream...please contact me
privately and let's not confuse the situation any more than it already has been...thank you.)

Below is the press release from the Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate. 


 January 27, 2000

This is to inform all concerned that the web site GrassRootsOyate supported by Wild Horse/Sierra Times has been and will be carrying any and all e-mail  messages we wish to forward, to all concerned in our current situation.

This is to further advise that we will not acknowledge and have not authorized any other parties to speak on our behalf.   This includes all individuals, organizations, groups, who have taken liberties to put forth information regarding situations occurring, here.

We do make every attempt to have a daily press release to keep everyone informed.  Sometimes, there is some delay because we remain focused on our specific goals-have the OST Treasurer permanently removed due to malfeasance and other illegal acts while in office; and a full forensic audit on the financial records of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Please understand that each of us, here in the Red Cloud Building, has chosen to come here in support of the Grass Roots Oglala Lakota Oyate and to help in whatever manner possible-we all have varying levels of abilities and skills but we think and act in unity and with one vision and WE, will speak with one voice.

 If you have questions please call us at 605-867-5303 or 605-867-5821.



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