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Breed: Chinese Crested
Color: Pink Slate Spotted HL
Sex: Female
Born: 10-20-95
Reg.# TN294047/01 
Call Name: Vip
Bred by: Deborah Bonair /Jeri Lee 
Owned by: Jerrie Wolfe, Patricia Watson, Irene Mogg 
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Am.Ch. Tebroc's Valentino Sensation, Blk Whit, TM831622/04  Dearborn's Sho Ki, Pink, TD413571 FDS, ,   ,   ,  
,   ,  
Tully's Indira, Pink, TD414215 FDS   Phaedrian Darth, Blue, TD413672 FDS   Crest Haven Master Poe Meadowcrest,  
Twyla Phaedrian,  
Phaedrian Rhea,   Meadowcrest's Master Poe Crest Haven,  
Twyla Phaedrian,  
Am.Ch. Tebroc's JJ Tiffany, Blk Wht Tan, TD415261 FDS,  ,   ,   ,  
,   ,  
,   ,   ,  
,   ,  
Triin's Affair V Mstic-Heart, white, TN153434/05, Moonswift Foriegn Affair, Pnk Slate, TM934904/01 UK,  Moonswift Cherokee Chief, KCR S1836401S02   Moonswift Captian Fantastic, KCSB 4036BV FDS   Moonswift Fire Dragon,  
Moonswift Miss Dixie,  
Moonswift Miss Zsa Zsa, KCR Q936501Q01   Moonswift Blue Barracuda,  
Razaques Angel Delight,  
Moonswift Miss Mitzie,   ,   ,  
,   ,  
Xia Xiangs China Roo V Triin, White, TM923467/03, Am.Ch. Gingery's Kangaroo, Black, TM783814   Am.Ch. Gingery's Tumbleweed, Blue, TM696724/01   Am.Ch. Gingery's Beetle Juice,  
Gingery's Pandemonium,  
Dickerson's Sprinkles Of Spice, White, TM923467/06   Moonswift Dangerman-Mayapan,  
Alltot Ch'ing Te Of Dickerson,  
Am.Ch. Chargi's Simply Smashing, Pink & Choc, TM755068/01   Am.Ch. Chargi's PS of Phaedrian, Pink, TD413573 FDS   ,  
Chargi's Suzi Of Dickerson, Pnk & Slate, TD413888 FDS   ,  

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