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  Chinese Crested









Call Name:


Bred by: 

  Pam and Jeannie Tapscott

 Owned by:

  Irene Mogg, Pam Tapscott & Jerrie Wolfe 
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Am.Ch. Lovely Rico Sauve, TM711953/01 AmCnMxCh Sun-A-Ra Dark Star Sun-A-Ra Ching Chow of Gipez   Am.Ch. China Crest Mohawk  Am.Ch. Gipez Ying-Ming of Mordor
Zanaibar's Terraco 
Am.Ch. Gipez's Shu-Chi ,  
Gipez's Sno Bird of Sun-A-Ra  Am.Ch. Gipez Hu-Ching   Am.Ch. Gipez Ying-Ming of Mordor
Am.Ch. Mordor Marina of Gipez 
Vance's Dweezle of Croatoan Am.Ch. Mordor Cornet of Rivercrest  
Vance's Freebisn of Croatoan
Ghai Sing Tei Yan Ming Mystic Moon   Chan Woo Shogun of Colorado Croatoan  ,  
Bodhista Lotus of Croatoan   ,  
Persephine Cinnamon & Spice   Chung Foo of Croatoan   ,  
Andromeda   ,  
Am.Ch. Sol-Orr's Saltry Song, TM952128/05   Am.Ch. Sol-Orr's Hunt Country Colt Am.Ch. Sun-A-Ra's Silver Lining   Am.Ch. Dar-Walk's Szechuan of Gipez  ,  
Mer-Maid of Kivox ,  
Sol-Orr's Chantilly Filly  Am.Ch. Xce'ls Clydesdale Pony  ,  
Am.Ch. Mielanjo Fan-C-Filly Sol-Orr  ,  
Am.Ch. Unicorn's Sol-Orr Eclipse Am.Ch. Gingery's Lightning   Am.Ch. Gipez Hu-Ching  Am.Ch. Gipez Ying-Ming of Mordor  
Am.Ch. Mordor Marina of Gipez  
Am.Ch. Gingery's Truffles 'N Creme   ,  
Sol-Orr's Ten-A-C Walker  Am.Ch. X-Cel's Clydesdale Pony ,  
X-Cel's Linerty Belle Sol-Orr  ,  

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