Meet the Gifts Project Team

Meet Carroll Killingsworth from Mill Valley, California. Carroll's work developed into what is now called The Gifts Project. Carroll can be reached at

Meet Ginny Hoover from Hutchinson, KS. Carroll saw Ginny's work on the internet and asked her to join with him in his efforts to write a book about The Gifts of Children. They have been working together to achieve this goal. Email address is

Meet Sharon Blumberg, a 7th grade Spanish teacher from Munster, Indiana. Sharon says, "I am proud to have taken part in this project.  I hope that through my efforts, I have contributed to enhancing the self-esteem of my students."
Meet Tima Schimanski, one of the first to use the Gifts Project in her classroom.

"I found the gifts project very
useful with students in the
Middle School.  Adolescents
are in a constant stage of
emotional flux.  The Gifts
Project is one of many things
teachers can do to create a
positive environment where
students feel supported and cared