Living Hell or Heaven on Earth

The Gifts concept can change peer attitudes in the high school classrooms, as well as elementary and middle school.  No more outcasts.  It establishes a positive identity for ALL students.  High school for some students is heaven on earth.  The reason for this blissful Camelot is the recognition that is awarded to those who participate in the activities, sports, clubs and classroom projects.  Each time students exhibit their gifts such as, persistence, resourcefulness and commitment to task; teachers shower heavenly accolades upon them.

About five percent of students arrive in high school already officially designated as "gifted."  These students scored high on tests that measure language and math skills.  Students not in that elite five-percent group can choose from a range of opportunities to get recognition--sports, clubs, activities, etc.  That leaves the rest of the students to wander aimlessly about the campus vulnerable to the cruel reality of their self-imposed outcast existence.  There are a number of students who do not fit the mold of clubie, jock or geek.  They travel a different road.

All students yearn to be recognized.  Each one has special gifts.  Our culture is filled with examples of the outcasts and the rebels who later created, invented and revolutionized.  Those are the outcasts who overcame the hell that was high school.  Then, there are the rest of the students. Those are the lost souls who end up in the streets, prisons, hospitals or simply living lives of quiet desperation; never recognized for having their special gifts brought forth and acknowledged.

The Gifts Project is a concept proclaiming that ALL students have gifts, ALL children deserve to have their gifts recognized and ALL children need to be accepted for each one's special strengths, abilities, talents and gifts. Teachers in 35 states and three provinces of Canada have begun to use the Gifts Project in their classes.  It costs nothing and takes no time from academics.  The book will soon be available at
Teacher TimeSavers out of Canada.

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