A Letter From the Author

Teachers Helping Children

Dear Teacher,

Good teachers look for ways to improve and enrich their classroom work. The purpose of this website is to give teachers new ways to place a positive focus, establish a bond, and create self-discovery for each child. Teachers using the Gifts Project concept have reached a new level of communication and effectiveness with students. We invite you to join us.

Our goal is to recognize each child's special gifts, talents, and strengths. This will enable every child to experience positive focus and receive individual teacher recognition for special abilities. When this is done, students increase their motivation to work hard and achieve their potential.

We want you to join us. You will get the assistance needed to learn how other Gifts Project teachers have employed the gifts concept in class. You will advance to a new level of teaching effectiveness and satisfaction.

We strongly urge you to obtain the book and be open to receive model project descriptions of other teachers. This will bring new life to your classroom.

Ginny Hoover, an educational consultant, is our Director and your guide; and I, Carroll Killingsworth, retired educator from Mill Valley, CA, will be your mentor and give you the support you need to succeed. At the same time, this web site will give you an opportunity to post notes, find other teachers with similar interests, exchange lesson plans, and engage in all aspects of the Gifts Project.

Sincerely and with best regards,

Carroll D. Killingsworth, Co-Author
The Gifts of Children