Critics Corner

30th Dec 1997, The StatesmanGayathri has a golden voice capable of negotiating any bravura passage,curve,nuance. There were flashes of the late GNB and equally late MLV. Her Kalyani alapana kept the audience swept out for more than half an hour.

....30th Dec 1997, The Statesman

18th Dec 1997, Trinity MirrorA flawless alap in SriRanjani prefixed Thyagaraja's Marubalka with swaras at the pallavi.Gayathri's rendering of the Varali alap for Seshachala Nayakam was most noteworthy.

....18th Dec 1997, Trinity Mirror

17th Mar 1996, Indian ExpressGayathri's vocal recital for Sarvani Sangeetha Sabha at the Music Academy Mini Hall had just that measure of elegance,richness of tone and ideas,besides fluency of voice and technique,to give it a distinguished stamp. Her high yeilding variety of music based on an instinctive evaluation of what is chaste,beautiful and acceptable in our music,can take her far up the ladder.

....17th Mar 1996, Indian Express

29th Dec 1995, The HinduHer dexterity came in the Reethigowla with the fine Thyagaraja piece Dwaithamu Sukhama. The recital as a whole left an indelible impression about her scope for creativity.

....29th Dec 1995, The Hindu

23rd Dec 1994, The HinduYoung Gayathri in the afternoon session of the Music Academy sang with great ease and self-confidence and this quality lent sparkle to the cutcheri. Refinement marked her general approach to music and this basic trait helped her introduce delicate nuances to raga vinyasa of Varamu.She seemed to have well understood the truth that good music is not just artistic but has to evoke a sense of aesthetics.

....23rd Dec 1994, The Hindu

21st Dec 1994, Indian ExpressIt was both methodical and melodious. The little,brittle somersaults here and there gave a kick to the alapana. The torrent of brugas in the summing up swept the audience off their feet.

....21st Dec 1994, Indian Express