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(1) " KING CAKE " (Real Audio-40Kbps mono)
A unique song about one of New Orleans best loved traditions-King Cakes and King Cake Parties.
(2) " CANAL AND ROYAL " (Real Audio-40Kbps mono)
A cute,though a little risque,old time rock n' roll song about a well known saying that was popular in the 50's around New Orleans. The corner of Canal and Royal is world famous and highly visible!
(3) " VOODOO WOMAN " (Real Audio-40Kbps mono)
A heavy New Orleans funk/rock song about a beautiful,but evil voodoo woman who casts her sexual spells on the men of New Orleans.
(4) " MARDI GRAS ROCK " (Real Audio-40Kbps mono)
An old time New Orleans rock n' roll song about all the good times and fun one can have at Mardi Gras. Ya gotta come on down to New Orleans,your friends will all be there!
(5) " PARTY TIME DOWN ON THE BAYOU " (Real Audio-40Kbps mono)
A Cajun party/Mardi Gras song about the good and friendly people of the Louisiana bayou country and their joyous celebrations. Laissez les bon temps Rouler!
(6) " CRESCENT CITY " (Real Audio-40Kbps mono)
A smooth jazzy song about New Orleans and it's gracious people. What a great and wonderful city this "jewel on the river". There's just no place like it anywhere else in the world! A tribute song.
(7) " AIN'T THIS SUCH A PARTY " (Real Audio-40Kbps mono)
A classic Dixieland jazz song about the New Orleans Mardi Gras and it's wonderful trappings. Some Crescent City "Pique" is spoken here!
(8) " SAVE OUR LAKE " (Real Audio-40Kbps mono)
A "Sunday-go-to-meeting" gospel song about saving one of New Orlean's most precious possessions,Lake Pontchartrain. If this don't get you "fired up",then nothing will!
(9) " LOUISIANA " (Real Audio-40Kbps mono)
A beautiful ballard about the great state of Louisiana,it's friendly people and all of it's wonderful natural resources. This state is truly a "heaven on earth"! A new state song in the works.

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