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This site is dedicated to our 134 shipmates who gave their lives to save their ship and shipmates during the tragic fire in the Tonkin Gulf..... 7/29/67.



Thank You shipmates Gene Siburn, Walt Stinner and Ken Killmeyer for submitting photos.

Please visit the New 2006 FID Reunion Slide Show (1 of 2) - NEW!

Please visit the New 2006 FID Reunion Slide Show (2 of 2) - NEW!


From the founder of Paul H. Friedman USS Forrestal Web Site:

I am a member of the Forrestal Association, and would not like to duplicate their site in any way. And I encourage the membership process for those of you who wish to participate in the activities of their services.  I hope you join the Forrestal Association if you are not a member already. Their services are a key to the Forrestal's future, and I would like to promote their efforts in any way possible.

Click Here to follow the link, to activate you membership with the Forrestal Association, and to help out in the race to save our ship.

Shipmates and Friends of Forrestal: I'd like to thank Nick Kowalewicz, Son of WestPac Shipmate John Kowalewicz for making this website a reality, Thank You NICK for suggesting this website, donating your time, and working so hard to make it happen. Also, shipmates please checkout Nick's website after you sign my guestbook.

Your shipmate,


Paul H. Friedman

Paul H. Friedman
AO3 Paul H, Friedman, CVA-59, G Division, 5/67 till 7/29/67

Sailors To The End - Click Me
You must read this wonderful new book that tells the full story of the fire.

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