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The following is an article published in the first quarter 1995 "Fiero
Owner" magazine that is distributed by FOCOA.  It describes a no cost
procedure to repair headlights actuators that continue to turn after the
headlights are completely down. 
Dear FOCOA: 
I am sending this info out to anyone who has experienced headlight
troubles, (mainly 84-87's) where it continues to run after they have
turned off.  I have had this problem on two of my 3 Fieros, and many of my
friends also have experienced this problem.  When the problem occurs, you
will see the headlights drop when you turn them off as usual, but if you
listen, and annoying grinding noise can be heard.  The sound seems to be
coming from the one or both motors.  The noise wont quit until you unplug
the motor or you turn the lights back on. 
What happens is the grease gets old inside the motor, and turns almost
rock hard!  When this happens, there is a lot of extra tension on the main
drive gear inside which is plastic, due to a high resistance from the hard
grease.  Eventually, something is going to give, and more than likely it
will result in 3-5 teeth breaking off, or being chewed away. 
Owners who want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new one, or $30-$50 for
a used one could do so, but the problem can be fixed as good as new, and
it wont cost you a dime. 
THE FIX:  The first thing you need to do is raise the headlights and
unplug the blue wire on the defective motor.  This will give you room to
remove the top and bottom 10mm nuts holding the headlight assembly in
place.  After removing the four nuts, unplug the relay wires, and light
wires.  Remove the assembly.  Next remove the small clip from the linkage
that attaches to the motor.  Then remove the three bolts holding the motor
in place.  With the motor removed, drill out the rivets holding the motor
with a vise.  You can now split the case of the motor with a standard
screwdriver.  You will find notches in the middle of the case where your
screwdriver should go.  This will prevent you from jamming and prying into
the middle of the case and damaging the surface.  Now, with the case
split, DO NOT ROTATE THE MOTOR IN ANY WAY!  What you need to do now is
mark the position of the main drive gear.  This is the plastic gear with
the shift sticking out the side of the case.  Make marks on the gear, and
on the case.  When putting the motor back together it is very important to
know the exact position of the gear after you split the case.  Now, remove
the two gears inside and clean all of the old grease.  Soaking them in a
degreaser will help loosen the grease, so it's easier to remove from the
inside of the teeth.  Now you can use fresh wheel bearing grease in all of
the gears inside.  Be sure not to get any on the motor brushes.  After
greasing the gears, find you mark on the case.  Re-install the damaged
gear 180 degrees from the original position, or the exact opposite
position that you found the gear before you removed it.  Reassemble the
case.  It may be necessary to use silicone sealant if the old seal was
damaged after you split the case.  Now with the motor back together you
can either re-rivet or use self taping screws to secure the case back
This method of repair will work because during operation the motor only
uses half of the main drive gears.  While the assembly is out of the car
it's a good idea to grease all of the linkage.  All you have to do is
remove the small clips and linkage, then use fresh grease on and under the
plastic bushings.  Re-assemble and re-install the headlight assembly back
into your Fiero.  You might want to clean and re-grease the other motor,
to prevent the motor from going bad.  You should notice the motors will
work faster and quieter.  Since there is less strain on the gears,
linkages, and motors the whole open and close operation should happen more
Thanks K. Norwick
Bill sez:  This is a very good suggestion and fix but if you have bad
limit switches the problem may continue.