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Welcome to the National Capital Fiero Association. We are a small (and growing) group of members who share the same passion for the Fiero. This group was created to make owning a Fiero easy.

How to become a member:

Application form for the mailing list:

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Application for group membership:

We are a verry small group at the moment and hope to grow fast. We hope to gather as many members as possible to have more political influence on local retailers.

Membership for our first 30 members will be free! Yep! our founding members have to work hard to get the club going so the deserve that.

To find out more, just leave me an E-mail from the communication center below with your name and phone number and times you are free for meetings. You can also contact me at home. 613-837-3602 (ask for Eric)

Hope to see you all soon!

Eric Villeneuve

Member's Page:

FieroDough's Fiero Page

This area is free to all N.C.F.A members. Just send me the pics of your car

with the text you would like posted. We will store you page on our

Local server for Free.

Contact me on my Communication Center

What we offer:
  • • Discounts at many reputable organisations.
  • • Helpfull information on maintenance
  • • Performance tips.
  • • Meetings
  • • Trips
  • • Buy / Sell parts or cars
  • • And much more!

What we are working on:

  • • Having our own section in local car shows.
  • • A retro 80's day at the at a dealership.
  • • Window stickers
  • • etc


Fiero Windows 95 Startup Logo (from N.I.F.E.)

please check the N.I.F.E. Home Page

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