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NEW HORSES!!  Please be patient, photos loading.  Thanks!

Shere Kahn - "Bear" - The Perfect Beginner's Horse! - 1994 KMSH Gelding 14.1 HH - Chocolate with blonde mane & tail & four white socks. Bear is a very sweet and gentle gelding.  Bear has been all over trail riding!  Ridden in Wyoming, Texas, Tenn, & Kentucky.  Has also been shown. He is child broke & has been used in a riding program for severely handicapped children. He is suitable for any one to ride from young to old; beginner to experienced.  Stands still while mounting. Up to date on all shots & worming. Easy to shoe, load, bathe, & catch. NO bad habits.  Blood lines include: (on sires side) Ike's Blue Boy, Woosley's Rocky, Johson's Toby, & Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown. Dam's side: Mayes Mare,Tuttle stock.  Bear was unable to be Reg Rocky Mountain as he did not make the size so he was Reg KMSH.  $6000


Charlie's Bonnie Lass - Reg Kentucy Mountain Saddle filly.  Foaled April 23, 2000.  'Bonnie" is a very sweet natured filly. Naturally gaited filly.  Both parents are palomino. She will cross tie, bathe, & pick & trim feet. Her sire goes back to Major & Tobe.  Dam is Mariah's Unknown Pleasure. Bonnie is very easy to work with. She learns quickly & has a very laid back temperament. Started lightly under saddle. A bit sunbleached in the photo, but in the spring sheds off to a golden palomino. Should mature to around 15.hh   $4500


DANDY - Reg. Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse filly with two white socks and a star. Cherokee Dream Catcher X Mariah. Foaled April 26 2001.  Broke to lead and easy to catch.  Naturally gaited in the field.  Should mature between 15.1- 16.HH  Up to date on shots, worming & trimming.  $2600



Baby pictures of Dandy & Halley

Halley  12/28/01
HALLEY -   Reg. Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse filly  Broke to lead. Very gentle. Foaled April 15 2001. Naturally gaited in the field.  Should mature between 15.1- 16.HH  Up to date on shots, worming & trimming. 
Cherokee Dream Catcher X Jessie. $2600. 

(Dog not included)


Baby pictures of Dandy & Halley


BOSTONS PEPPY DOC - AQHA - 1995 BLACK Gelding 15 HH.  Click for full pedigree & more photos.
"Peppy" is a super barrel prospect, he's been under a professional trainer.  Will pole bend, just needs to be seasoned.  Peppy is SUPER fast and has potential for major ability!  Extensively trail ridden on the range in New Mexico and would also be an endurance prospect.  Been used to worked cattle.  Cowy, with a great temperament.  Peppy's been out in the Texas summer sun & his color has faded a bit in the photos.   He is listed as black on his papers.     $12,000.   

Video will be available shortly, please inquire. 

JIMS FANCY DAN - AQHA Appendix - 1992 Gray Gelding. Just under 14 HH
Click for full pedigree & more photos. 

"JJ" is very talented!  Extremely COWY - steer roping, Heads AND Heels, team penning.  Extensively trail ridden on the range in New Mexico.  Would make a great endurance horse...picks his way down the trail like a dream.  JJ has also been used as a lesson horse for children (12 year olds)   Potential for a reining horse or 4H - JJ is a GREAT all-around kinda horse! Good minded, great temperament.  $9000.00

Video will be available shortly, please inquire.

DOC TS FOXY - AQHA Sorrel Quarter Horse filly foaled July 11 2000.   Foxy is broke to lead and up to date on shots and worming. Will be ready to start under saddle this fall. 
Sir Super Jet Too - Big M Docs Dream.  $1800

MR BOJANGLES - Colt foaled Feb. 18, 2000. Black  with two white hind socks and small snip on nose.  Bo is weaned and is broke to lead.  His sire is triple Reg KMSHA, MPHA and RM Billy Graham, who is by Buddy Roe.  His dam is Tessie, a Reg KMSHA mare. Bo can be left a stallion in the Kentucky Mountain registry, but must be gelded to be Reg Grade Rocky Mountain.  Up to date on shots and worming.  $2600




MR WALKER - 1999 Palomino colt. 15HH. White  mane & tail, star and snip. One white hind sock. Mr Walker is green broke.  He has been trail ridden and done some road work. Has also been started in a buggy. Naturally smooth gait. Ties, trims, up to date on worming &  shots. He is Reg KMSHA and if gelded can be Reg Rocky Mt. Good natured and willing to learn. $4000.

DIAMOND'S LUCKY CHARM - Foaled April 1991 - 15.1HH Black. smooth and showy gait. 98 KMSHA High point gelding. Shown & trail ridden extensively by owner who is 67 years old. Owner has had for eight years. Loads clips, ties, shoe, No bad habits. Neck reins beautifully. Has been in day & night parades, flag bearer & in couples classes.  Puppy dog temperament, used as schooling horse for green & non-riders. Goes English or western. $7500 . Reg KMSHA. Picture with ribbon was taken in Sep 2000. Picture in front of barn Sept. 2000. Picture with riders was taken  Feb 2001.

BANDIT - Reg. Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse colt.  Foaled Aug 1, 2000.  Sire is Cherokee Dream Catcher.  Broke to lead, tie, pick and be trimmed. Very gentle youngster. Turning roan. Price $2600

RIDDLE'S RAMBLIN STAR - Palomino Colt Foaled 3-11-01, Weaned 8-12-01. Sire is Reg Rocky Mountain Stallion by the name of Dock's Rockin Riddle who is by Choco Dock. Dam is Reg Rocky Mountain Mare by the Name of Redbud's Majic Starburst. He is pictured here with his dam from whom he has since been weaned. Broke to lead, up to date on shots and worming.  $3000


RIDDLE'S MOONSHINE - Chestnut colt, Foaled 4-9-01 and Weaned 8-1-01. Sire is Reg Rocky Mountain stallion, Docks Rockin Riddle who is by Choco Dock. Dam is Flying High's Brandy, a Reg Kentucky Mountain mare. Moonshine is broke to lead and up to date on shots and worming. Naturally gaited in the field. He is pictured here with his dam and has since been weaned. $2500.



SHADOW'S LITTLE BUDDY.- Reg Rocky Mountain & Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Bay Gelding.  Foaled May 24 1997, 15.3hh. Born and raised on the farm. Has been shown lightly with success. Has been a Trail and Parade horse. No bad habits.   Loads, ties, easy to shoe. Super smooth ground covering gait. Ridden by 55 year old lady.  Gentle. Sire is Crickets Little Buddy and goes back to Tobe and Hazel. Dam is Shadow's Hill.  Price $6500 The show picture was taken at Sep 2000 Rocky Mountain show in Lexington, KY at the horse park were he was shown in the 3 year old novice horse class.  Placed 10th out of 18 in the class. The picture where he is not under saddle was when he was a two year old.

DEE DEE - Double Reg Grade Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse mare.  Chocolate with a white mane and tail.  Foaled May 1997.  15.2   $6000   
Dee Dee is a well broke mare, good natured and gaits well. Has been ridden by a child. Lots of trail experience, crosses bridges, ties, loads, bathes, and shoes. Has been ridden in parades.

SHADES LES - Reg. Kentucky Mountain beautiful dapple gray mare.  Foaled  April 1993. Height  15.2.  Has a white star and hind foot.  Has produced several nice gray foals. Has only been used as a brood mare for the last several years. Was trail riden before she became a brood mare. Has a smooth and natural gait which she has passed on to her foals along with her good nature. $3500.00


DUSTIN'S DANCER - Reg Rocky Mountain & Kentucky Mountain Gelding.  Red Chocolate with a white mane and tail.  Foaled June 16, 1999.  14.2hh.  Show quality Gelding. Gaiting nicely without shoes!!. Sire is Cross Creek Stardust and goes back to Choco and Stith mare Dam is Flirty Rosey and Choco and Polly.   $3500


PRINCESS - Foaled June 1998. Color Chocolate and White.  Rocky Mountain & Spotted Saddle Horse cross. Beautiful chocolate and white filly. Her sire was chocolate with a white mane and tail Reg Rocky Mountain stallion by the name of Snowy River. (goes back to Tobe)  Her dam was a spotted saddle mare by the name of Beauty Bea. She has the smooth Rocky Mountain gait and temperament, very friendly and easy to work with. She has 30 days under saddle. Can be Reg Spotted Saddle Horse.  $2500

CASH ME IN - Double Reg. Grade Rocky Mountain & Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse.  Foaled Aug 1998, 15.2 HH.  Chestnut with two white hind socks.  Bloodlines go back to Nuncio and Kilburns Chocolate Sundown.  She is very gentle, and has a smooth and natural gait.  She ties, loads, bathes and shoes.  Has been trail ridden.  $6000.00


SHILOH - Foaled April 15, 2001.  Filly.  Sire is Cherokee Dream Catcher  and Dam is Harley's Pure Gold.  She is broke to lead and has a sweet and gentle nature.   $2000.00


TOBY'S LITTLE RASCAL - Reg Rocky Mountain Colt.   Chocolate Flax mane and tail.  Foaled April 08, 1999.  14.1hh.  Markings Star Thin stripe. Snip. LF & LH pasterns are white.  Broke to ride.  Loads, ties, shoes bathes. Up to date on shots and worming. Has had teeth done. Good blood lines. Sire is Johnsons Toby and goes back to old Tobe and Honey. Dam is Nickies Delight and goes back to Kilburns Chocolate Sundown and Ginger.  $4500


BETTY'S DUSTY JOE -  Reg Rocky Mountain Black Colt.  No Markings.  Foaled March 06, 2000.  Broke to lead.  Up to date on shots and worming. $3000 

BUTTERCUP - 1999 Buckskin mare.  14.2- 15.hh Butter cup has 30 days under saddle has been trail ridden and ridden on the road. She ties, and picks feet. She has been bred to a gray stallion for a spring 2002 foal.  Buttercup is not a gaited mare.  $1200.



Honey Dumplin' of a horse! - SOLD! 7 yr old Reg. Spotted Saddle Horse mare. 15HH.  Honey is a very sweet natured mare that anyone can ride - even in just a halter! She has a wonderfully smooth & natural gait.  Proven broodmare, she passes both gait and her good temperament onto her foals. Terrific mom, easy to foal.  Easy to catch, ties, bathes, loads. She is in foal to our palomino stallion Cherokee Dream Catcher for a Jan foal. She is out of two Rocky Mountain parents, but because of two much white could not be Reg Rocky. Her sire was a palomino by the name of Charlie Brown who was by Major who was by Tobe. Her dam was a Reg Rocky Mountain by the name of Zen. Honey is a wonderful mare and would suit young or old. $4000

BAD RAIL - SOLD! 1993 Reg Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Stallion.  Black with four white socks and a blaze.  Height 15.2  Rail has been examined by Purdue University vets and found to be ASD and cyst free. He has a smooth and  natural gait which he passes on to his offspring. He has lots of trail riding experience. has been ridden in parades,  on main roads, over bridges, seen it all!  Shoes, ties, loads.  $5000.



BARNES' SPIDER - SOLD!   Color Dark Chocolate Dapple White Main AND Tail.  Colt Foaled April 09, 1999.  14.2hh.  Green Broke - has been on a few trail rides,  Loads, ties,  bathes, shoes. Has had teeth done,  Wormed and up to date on shots. Spider is show quality and has the blood lines. Sire is Barnes Rocky Top Dusty. and goes back to Kilburns Chocolate Sundown. Dam is Southern Rustic and goes back to Choco Doc Doc and Fonzie.  $5000

PENNY- SOLD! - 4 yr. Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Assoc. reg./cert. chestnut mare, 15.0-15.1H, broke to ride, ultra-sounded in foal (due 7/15/01) to many times champion, CHOCOLATE STORM, 16H black double registered Rocky Mtn Horse Assoc/KMSHA stud; both tested clear - no ASD, no cysts. 

Smoking Desert Fox SOLD! - Very nice chocolate Rocky Mountain stud colt. Flaxen mane & tail.  Broke to lead & has been ground driven.  Good natured.  Sire is Dixon's Smoking Coke & Dam is April Love. This colt is Reg. Rocky Mountain. 5/11/99. 14.1 1/2hh. Great show prospect, & wonderfully bred for a stallion prospect.


Updated 12/28/01

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