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Dear Mr. Al Benaroya

        I would like to formally thank you for your incredible service in the sale of my condominium at The Keys. I was forced to move rapidly for a career opportunity and feel extremely lucky to have found you to take care of my condo sale. You went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did you promptly react to my needs to start the selling process rapidly, but you also made personal sacrifices time and again to help me out on a personal level. You went as far as to stay up with my movers until 1:15 am on a Saturday morning to ensure that my belongings were safely loaded into the moving van. You have been highly communicative and extremely pleasant to work with. Furthermore, you sold my condo for a higher price than I would have thought possible.

        Please feel free to share this letter with your future clients or anyone you deem appropriate as a heart-felt example of a job well done.

Thank you, Al. Best of luck to you and take care!

Corinne Nicole Wolff


Dear Al,

    As I continue to read each day that real estate prices are beginning to level off,   I am reminded what good luck I had in selling my condo at the keys. I want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your aggressive approach and all your hard work. You are very organized, and have the fine art of juggling multiple personalities to make deals happen. Hope you have a wonderful summer.

            Yours truly,

            Candis Carlisle