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Here you will find midi files of Satie's piano works. As usual, I will use only my own midi files that I have sequenced on this page, so there isn't much here at the moment - but there will be more in the near future. Remember, there is a list of a large quatity of Satie's piano works. To see this list, it is with the short biography. You can link to it at the bottom of the page. (The link named "Satie"). If you have a request for a certain Satie piece, you can E-Mail me, and I'll try to get it done. When I have completed a set, e.g. all of the "Veritable Préludes Flasques (pour un chien), I will put them into zip files for download, and will include a zip file of NWC files so those of you who have the program can see how I sequenced these files. I put most of the midi files here so that you can see if you like the music. If you do, I recommend buying a CD with the music on as these bring much more pleasure to listen to. Midi files have so many limitations. "Naxos" CDs can be bought at around £5 each and they have a large selection of Satie piano music. I hope you enjoy the music of Erik Satie.

Please note: A complete downloadable work which consists of more than 1 piece e.g. the complete "Veritables préludes flasques (pour un chien)" will be in zip files. Works consisting of only 1 part e.g. "Sonatine Bureaucratique" will not be zipped. In this case you will download a midi file or a nwc file. If you want to download a midi or a nwc file, you will have to right-click and "save target as".

Embryons Desséchés

No.1 - d'Holothurie

No.2 - d'Edriophthalma

No.3 - de Podophthalma

Complete - (Midi) or (Noteworthy)

Sonatine Bureaucratique (Midi) or (Noteworthy)

Veritables Préludes Flasques (Pour un Chien)

No.1 - Sévère reprimande

No.2 - Seul à la maison

No.3 - On joue

Complete - (Midi) or (Noteworthy)

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