The season end is closing in and the big question will be: What happened? The team as a whole never produced the goods that we were all hoping for. Summer signings which were meant to bring new blood to the club gave us nothing. The only bright point was the confirmation of the new stadium, which in my view was a total farce from beginning to end and I hope that it is reflected in the way that voters choose their elected councillors in the future. The club is obviously coming to a position that would of thought impossible at the start of the season.
 But how many times can a football club like Southampton come so close to being relelgated and get away with it with the last few games to be played? I have been a Saint since I could walk, all my family supports them and I will continue to be a fan regardless of what division they play in. My only hope would be that the board of Southampton Football Club PLC listen to the fans and bring players to the club who WILL make a difference and not just players who will keep us up for another year then either move on or be sold to pay the wage bill. We have a fantastic youth policy, but unfortunately our raw talent is being let go or sold at a time when we need these players to give us that competitive edge. Personally I would like to see these players stay at the club and make a difference, like with the young players at the Man Utd and Liverpools of this world.
 On a different note I would like to say that I live in the United States, but I feel proud to be from Southampton and I will always support my favourite football team wherever they are.


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