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Welcome! Please take a few moments and browse through my web site. This page was written as an assignment for my Introduction to the Internet class. I am just a beginner but this class has increased my desire to learn more about the Net. This site is an effort to share a little of my life with potential cyber friends. I have endeavored to share the "pics and pans" that have made my world unique. Enjoy your stay...

          I am a BIG fan of the 1998 AFCC CHAMPS! This is a tribute to the Super Bowl bound...
Jacksonville JAGUARS

1999 Schedule

In just 5 years the Jaguars have gone from an expansion team to contender in the AFC. They are the first expansion team to make the playoffs in 3 of their first 4 years. In 1998, the Jags finished the regular season 11-5 and won their first division championship. The team hosted and won their first playoff game at Altell Stadium . During the offseason, the Jags hired Dom Capers as Defensive Coordinator. The Jags also made several moves to upgrade the defense through the draft and free agency. Hopefully, 1999 will end with another first for the Jags...a Super Bowl appearance!
JAGS 9-1!!! Dominators looking good!!!

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