Walking in the softest light
I feel so safe and warm
Flowers blooming all around
Refuge from life's storm

Meadow of such magnificence
I'm led to it with peace
Beckons me to enter now
My heart it feels release

Look with wonder and with awe
For whom was this designed
The gift of life upon the earth
This canvas was divined

No matter where I go
I close my eyes with ease
See the path that leads me here
With message I receive

This my home surrounded by
Dreams that call to me
Velvet of the flowers loom
With fragrance constantly

Greatest joy within my soul
My heart has found a home
Close my eyes I'm there at once
No longer will I roam.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
used with permission
Read more of her poetry here.

Welcome to my website, I want to share with you
a wee bit about myself. I am a nurse from Arkansas..
I graduated in 1983 and have been in the field
for over 19 years now... I love what I do.
I'm God called to be a nurse, and sometimes I question
as to why, but the one thing for sure that I can tell you is
this is where I am to be at this time in my life...*S*
There are a lot of things I am going through right now,
and I am seeking God to get some direction in my life...
It is at these times I feel God is not listening to me,
but I know better... I think..*G*...
I can be a difficult child at times...*S*...
Thank you Lord for never leaving me, forgetting me and
thank you for loving me so much...and thank you for
sending me so many wonderful people from online to encourage
me and to lift me up when I am down...*S*, they are blessings...