The Sure-fire Hiccup Cures
The Sure-fire Hiccup Cures
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CURE #1: Catch the hiccup!

Most people want a simple sure-fire way to cure the hiccups.
Well, this is sure-fire, but requires a bit of mental concentration.

The approach is to switch the involuntary response to a voluntary one.

This approach has worked for 30 years with my Dad and his sister.

1. Close your eyes, relax and breathe smoothly.
2. Get ready to clap your hands at the moment BEFORE the hiccup occurs.
3. Try to sense in your throat where the muscle is that will contract.
(This will help you feel it start to contract so that you can clap).
4. You will be late the first number of times but don't give up! Try to beat the muscle. Keep smooth breathing. Concentrate!
5. On about the fourth one, you will notice that the hiccup will take longer, but it wants you to quit the method. Don't give up until the hiccups are at least 30 seconds apart (to make sure they are gone).

CURE #2: Bald Men

If the above method does not work, then think of all the bald men you can.


My friend told me to put this in my page:

1. Squat down and put a glass of water between your legs with a straw.
2. Put your head down as far as possible.
3. drink some water.
4. Stand up.

Here's a reputed cure for hiccups you may never have heard before: close your eyes and visualize a neon sign, like a movie marquee. See the word think blinking on and off. Concentrate on the sign and make the word blink as fast as possible. According to a psychiatrist who's used this trick ever since he was a kid, your hiccups should go away.


"Hughes/Green Hiccups Cure"© 1997

(1) Pour a TALL glass of water.

(2) Hold your breath... ***


(4) Slowly, take 15 - 20 swallows of the water...while holding your breath with your nose pinched closed.

(5) When you can't stand it any'll know by that overwhelming drowning sensation--take a deep breath and relax.

This cures the hick-ups 95 percent of the time! It's a proven medical remedy. However, a second treatment may be necessary for stubborn cases.

*** For stubborn cases, try EXHALING COMPLETELY and then taking 15-20 swallows.

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